About the Authors

Elizabeth is a literary theorist, lover of fairy tales, and passionate storyteller who hopes to make a difference with her words by inviting readers to peel back the surface of the text and find a deeper meaning. To her, stories are the ultimate form of communication – the only one that can reach across the chasm of time itself and impact the future. In particular, mythology is a gateway to another world entirely, to the cultures, beliefs, minds, and hearts of a people long dead.

Elizabeth has a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and teaches college English as an adjunct professor. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, J. Nathanael, and their black cat, Baby.

J. Nathanael is a dreaded pirate hailing from the Sea of Nochenri… Wait, that’s the wrong book.  He is actually a lover of comic books, tabletop gaming, and what the old folks vidjya games.  He also understands the power of a good story, be it complex or simple, and hopes to harness this power to move and entertain his readers.  And to block out the sun because sunscreen is expensive.

They live in Tennessee with their black cat, Baby.

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